To parents considering a specific school or camp

Our office has over 20 years combined experience helping families find help. We would be happy to be an advocate for you with the school you are interested in. The decision to send your child away to a structured boarding situation could be one of the biggest choices you will likely make in your life.

If you are interested in a particular school, join our on-line support group. We can research a school for you. We have a list of pointed and direct questions we can send them if you would like us to. The fact that a school is not in our database does not mean that they are not a good school; it just means that they have not yet filled out our questionnaire. If you are not comfortable, or knowledgeable enough to know what to ask we will act in your behalf. Just join our support group and tell us what school you are interested in and we will send our request to them, asking them to come to this site and fill out our questionnaire.

For parents not sure what kind of help they might need

We do have a number of schools that we feel comfortable sending students to, and can share information about these with you immediately. If you would like us to coordinate your admission for you, please log in and fill out the attached form. If you would rather talk to a live person give us a call.

Boot Camps

Boot camps come in many shapes and types. If you are looking for a boot camp for a defiant child you have probably already discovered that. We work with camps that will take a defiant youth, enter them in a boot camp and follow the camp with a structured military style environment.

The best results for these types of programs are accomplished when the child remains in the camp for about one year. Short-term boot camps are a wake-up call but don’t seem to produce long-lasting results. It is usually a waste of time and money to seek a short-term camp of less than a year.

If you are over whelmed with all of the many different options out there, give us a call and we can walk you through some of your options. You are not alone. There are thousands of parents who do not know what to do with a teen that is out of control.